Die Verkehrswende kann auch am Stadtrand gelingen!

Dafür braucht es aber nicht nur zusätzliche Mobilitätsangebote (öffentlicher und privater Anbieter), sondern auch die richtigen Leitbilder in der Planung („Stadt der kurzen Wege“), eine stärkere Priorisierung des Umweltverbunds und einen reflektierten Umgang mit dem Thema Parkraum.

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Access the OptiMaaS recommendation papers on holistic mobility solutions for the urban periphery!

The recommendations can be seen as entry points for urban policy makers, practitioners, property developers, mobility planners, transport service providers, the research community and all other urban actors. Shared mobility- and on-demand services have the potential to increase the attractiveness of eco-mobility, improve last mile sustainability and reduce dependency on motorised private transport.

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“The 15 Minutes City “

How can dilemmas revealed by the OptiMaaS-Team contribute to sustainable urban development and mobility?

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OptiMaaS spreads the word!

A diverse European group of experts discussed the integrated insights generated in the OptiMaaS project. In our final international expert panel (IEP), we zoomed into different layers of mobility as a service.

OptiMaaS integrated perspective was shown in impulse presentations as input for debates during our breakout sessions.

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Wie bewegen Sie sich durch die Stadt?

Nehmen Sie an unserer On Demand Mobilitätsbefragung teil!

Im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes „OptiMaaS“ möchten wir erfahren was Ihre Meinung von nachfrageorientierter Mobilität ist.

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OptiMaaS’ 5th International Expert Panel takes place!

We would like to invite you to participate in our 5th and final International Expert Panel. Please register here to our zoom-conference.

On the 19th of February from 9-12am, we will show and discuss more insights from our research project OptiMaaS.

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Get involved! – Take part in our international expert-questionnaire!

What is the key to establish Mobility as a Service in urban non-core areas? How can the often announced mobility transition become reality? Join our questionnaire and share your expertise!

The results will be presented in the upcoming “International Expert Panel – IEP” in February 2021 which will be done online.

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Co Creation Lab in Salzburg – a success!

Test persons created an on-demand mobility service app meeting their expectations.

Six test persons from a wide range of age defined a user experience for an on-demand service application, for three different scenarios.

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The Usability and Acceptance Lab has started

We learn from users, from different target groups and urban non-core areas, how on-demand service Apps can make a difference in real life situations.

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OptiMaaS Integrated Mobility Lab goes live in Vienna!

Pilot testing of mobility bundles and pricing models integrating public transportation and shared vehicles

Since June 2020 Inhabitants of the housing project “Wohnen an den Blumenwegen” as well as neighbours are able to test two new mobility packages combining e-mobility sharing services with public transport tickets.

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How stereotypes help implementing MaaS

Working with personas in OptiMaaS

The persona is there to ensure that the development of the OptiMaaS solution considers the users’ voices accordingly, addresses their needs and considers their pre-conditions.

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OptiMaaS – at IcoMaaS in Tampere, FI

Challenges on providing MaaS schemes at the urban fringe aiming at reducing car dependency!

Stefan Arbeithuber (MO.Point) presented OptiMaaS at the 2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service (IcoMaaS) on 3rd December, 2019.

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The Vienna OptiMaaS Policy-Lab

In the distant future in a remote galaxy in the capital of the eternal and glorious empire, FutureWien City…”

On November 19th, 2019 nineteen experts of city departments, competence centres for urban development, research institutions, transport authorities and district management institutions met. They were moving back in time from the future to the present in order to identify the decisions and actions that must be taken at critical points to achieve the Vienna vision for 2030.

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3rd OptiMaaS IEP Meeting – MaaS and Policy-Making from different perspectives

On November 19th 2019, the 3rd OptiMaaS IEP Meeting took place. 25 experts from 19 institutions came together to discuss the OptiMaaS project results, to exchange experiences and to work together on strategies to foster MaaS in urban non-core areas.

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OptiMaaS participation at the International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS) in Tampere, FI

Holistic mobility solutions for the urban periphery – Challenges and opportunities to disseminate the MaaS-approach in urban non-core areas, with this paper OptiMaaS-project, will be represented by Stefan Arbeithuber (MO.Point) at the ICoMaaS in Tampere, Finland on December 3rd and 4th, 2019.

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2nd International Expert Panel Workshop

On May 14th, 2019, the 2nd International Expert Panel (IEP) Workshop within the Project “OptiMaaS” took place in Vienna. Focused two topics:

  1. “Mobility Services in urban non-core areas – What are Challenges, Solutions and Effects?”
  2. “Framework strategy – which conditions must be created to support MaaS in urban non-core areas?”

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Workshop on Mobility Transformations

OptiMaaS was represented by Flora Strohmeier (Upstream) in the interdisciplinary workshop on Mobility Transformations on June 4th in Vienna at the Technical University at the Communities & Technologies Conference – C&T 2019

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OptiMaaS at All-Energy 2019 Conference in Glasgow, UK

Our research project OptiMaaS has been presented by Flora Strohmeier (Upstream) on May 16th, 2019 at the panel Smart Urban Mobility Solutions (SUMS) at the All-Energy conference in Glasgow, UK.

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OptiMaaS at JPI Urban Europe Kick Off Event in Brussels, BE

JPI Urban Europe invited all projects funded in the “Making Cities Work” call to a kick-off meeting in Brussels on February 13th, 2019 and OptiMaaS was presented by Renata Pereira de Souza (tbw research).

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1st International Expert Panel Workshop

On December 10th, 2018, the 1st International Expert Panel (IEP) Workshop within the Project OptiMaaS took place in Vienna. Doris Wiederwald (AustriaTech), Gregor Stratil-Sauer (City of Vienna MA 18) and Martin Schreiner (City of Munich) were the expert team invited to join OptiMaaS experts to discuss policy making on urban, traffic and data management that can enhance MaaS on non-core urban areas.

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OptiMaaS Kick Off Event

OptiMaaS project Kick Off meetings were held on September from 17th to 19th, 2018 with members of all project partners companies.

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