On 10th December, 2018, the 1st International Expert Panel (IEP) Workshop within the Project “OptiMaaS” took place in Vienna. Doris Wiederwald (AustriaTech), Gregor Stratil-Sauer (City of Vienna MA 18) and Martin Schreiner (City of Munich) were the expert team.

Martin Schreiner presented an overview of the MaaS situation in Munich and showed MaaS initiatives, projects and implementations running. The current level of MaaS offers integration has been discussed and best practices have been shared. Also challenges for Maas in Munich were pointed out and the consortium was able to find specific examples about OptiMaaS-related implementation.


After the input from Martin Schreiner, a workshop session with three main questions has been held in the setting of a “World Café”. At three different tables, the following topics were treated simultaneously in rotating order and the results were saved:

  • “Legal questions and policy making” – Which development of MaaS (public, private market, or public-private) do you believe is most likely to take the lead in your country or city and why?
  • “Urban and traffic plan policies” – How can inhabitants of peripheral urban areas benefit from MaaS-offers?
  • “Data policies / data management” – The role of data in MaaS – which data is / can / should be available for public interest (e.g. research organizations, MaaS operators)?



Pictures: © OptiMaaS IEP 2018