We learn from users, from different target groups and urban non-core areas, how on-demand service Apps can make a difference in real life situations.

Another OptiMaaS-Lab has started in Vienna, the Usability and Acceptance Lab (UA-L). Diverse (age, family status, sex, gender, education) future users are testing the prototype designed by other users within our Co Creation Design Lab (CC-L).

Focusing on our target group, we are working with the method of personas, these simulate or stereotype the future users. Within the CC-Laba highly innovative UX-design approach was chosen. User engagement allowed users to be their own designers. The prototype that was developed, based on these designs, does not provide all functionalities but shows the whole on-demand process.

Source: © Upstream, Bianca Humer

Technically, the prototype is a “clickdummy”, which means that it is clickable but not connected to backend intelligence. The testing takes place in 1:1 sessions, where the test person is invited to click through the app and explain every step he/she makes, the so called “Thinking aloud” method. During the UA-Lab, this method will provide important insights and findings on the user behaviour, concerning functionalities and preferences, both on a structured and qualitative level.

Learnings from this UA-Lab will help OptiMaaS to further develop and improve Guidelines for implementing mobility services into MaaS-platforms e.g. interface definitions and technical guidelines, APIs and UX-design.