Pilot testing of mobility bundles and pricing models integrating public transportation and shared vehicles

Since June 2020 Inhabitants of the housing project “Wohnen an den Blumenwegen” as well as neighbours are able to test two new mobility packages combining e-mobility sharing services with public transport tickets.

Within the OptiMaaS Integrated Mobilty Lab project partners are testing new business strategies and pricing models for the integration of public transportation and sharing offers within urban non-core areas. For this, the Mobility Point Blumenwege was chosen as one of four different Labs within OptiMaaS. Inhabitants living in the new housing project “Wohnen an den Blumenwegen” in the 22nd District of Vienna are able to use e-mobility sharing services since mid-2019 when they moved in. Now two additional mobility packages were introduced, combining attractive tariffs for car-, bike- and moped-sharing with public transport tickets. The mobility packages will be offered from June 2020 within the OptiMaaS Project for a 5 months pilot phase. The Integrated Mobility Lab aims at evaluating the user acceptance of mobility packages and changes in user behavior, in order to improve the understanding of user needs in peripheral areas.

If you are interested in booking  services please register online via the MO. Point Website (www.mopoint.at/blumenwege).  Currently the integration of the services of MO.Point into the public transport application Wien Mobil of Wiener Linien is running. After the go live in summer the services of MO.Point will be considered in the platform’s routing information.

The offers include six different tariff packages: Range goes from MO.Basic, which contains E-carsharing, E-moped and E-Bike-sharing for an hourly rate without a monthly fee, up to the package MO.XLarge which includes the above mentioned offers for a cheaper hourly rate. For a monthly fee of 55€, an 8 day public transport ticket worth 40,8€ and 30€ drive credit are included in the package XLarge.  

Source: MO.Point