The recommendations can be seen as entry points for urban policy makers, practitioners, property developers, mobility planners, transport service providers, the research community and all other urban actors. Shared mobility- and on-demand services have the potential to increase the attractiveness of eco-mobility, improve last mile sustainability and reduce dependency on motorised private transport.

(source: tbw research, 2021)

With a user-centred integrated approach we put diverse users and their needs in the centre of all considerations, nonetheless a view of different layers e.g. city planning, transport system and, business models is crucial as a backbone of developing new sustainable mobility offers.

You will gain insights into the complexity of the development and maintenance of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The selected number of recommendation papers are not exhaustive regarding all issues and concerns. Get inspired about your opportunities on the way to a sustainably changed transport system!

OptiMaaS – Vision for urban periphery (tbw research, 2021)