It is about creation of a multidisciplinary, up-to-date definition and discussion of the concept of mobility in our society. After achieving a common understanding among the workshop participants, a guideline, means, or measures will be cooperatively generated to initiate the building of a research community on this subject in the context of ongoing digitalization processes. Furthermore, future activities will be planned in a coordinated way. Considering different view points coming from different disciplines will enable a multi-layered hence related conceptualizing of the term mobility, which will be discussed in an interactive format. The aim is to create a holistic view to mobility and an informed discussion among participants to tickle emerging challenges, possible solutions, and future developments in the course of digital transformation of our society and the role of digitalization in transforming mobilities.

OptiMaaS has been represented by Flora Strohmeier (Upstream) in the interdisciplinary workshop on Mobility Transformations on the 4th of June in Vienna at the Technical University at the Communities & Technologies Conference – C&T 2019

Mainly, methods and findings from WP2 have been presented, giving an outlook on next steps and insights on objectives within the project.

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