How stereotypes help implementing MaaS

Working with personas in OptiMaaS In order to guarantee a target group-oriented development of the frontend design, there are several methodological approaches. In OptiMaaS, we worked with so-called personas. These simulate or stereotype the future user of the apps and services developed in OptiMaaS. The persona ensures that the development of the OptiMaaS solution considers the users’ voices accordingly, addresses their needs and considers their pre-c...

OptiMaaS – at IcoMaaS in Tampere, FI

Stefan Arbeithuber, managing partner of MO.Point held a presentation on OptiMaaS at the 2nd IcoMaaS in Tampere on December 3th, 2019. The presentation tackled the challenges of providing MaaS schemes at the urban fringe aiming at reducing car dependency. He discussed solutions for overcoming the barriers for implementation and use of MaaS based mobility services. The underlying types of business models were analyzed and showed contrasting situations. ...

The OptiMaaS Policy-Lab Vienna

"In the distant future in a remote galaxy . . . … in the capital of the eternal and glorious empire, FutureWien City, the long battle for the mobility turnaround has been won. The public space is again evenly distributed and filled with life. Instead of the daily car avalanches, children are once again rolling on scooters through the streets of the city. Pedestrians, cyclists and other environmentally friendly means of transport have enough space to m...

3rd OptiMaaS IEP Meeting – MaaS and Policy-Making from different perspectives

In many urban areas Mobility as a Service is no longer a niche topic. Meeting customers’ demand, service quality and customer satisfaction became important prepositions of new mobility services. On November 19th 2019 the 3rd OptiMaaS IEP Meeting took place. 25 experts from 19 institutions came together to discuss the OptiMaaS project results, to exchange experiences and to work together on strategies to foster MaaS in urban non-core areas. The projec

OptiMaaS participation at the International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS) in Tampere, FI

The OptiMaaS-project, will be represented by Stefan Arbeithuber (MO.Point) at the ICoMaaS in Tampere, Finland on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2019. Stefan will present the paper ‘holistic mobility solutions for the urban periphery” that discusses challenges and opportunities to disseminate the MaaS-approach in urban non-core areas. The 2nd ICoMaaS aims to increase knowledge on the preconditions of MaaS, experiences from trials and commercial services, a

2nd International Expert Panel Workshop

On 14th May, 2019, the 2nd International Expert Panel (IEP) Workshop within the Project “OptiMaaS” took place in Vienna. We were glad to welcome Doris Wiederwald (AustriaTech) and Gregor Stratil-Sauer (City of Vienna - MA 18) again. The mobility experts Andreas Hacker (Stadt-Umland-Management Wien/Niederösterreich), Martin Berger (TU Wien / aspern mobil) and Barbara Bilderl (VOR) also contributed to the 2nd IEP Workshop. This time we focused two topi

OptiMaaS at the 9th International Communities & Technologies Conference – C&T 2019 in Vienna, AT

WORKSHOP ON MOBILITY TRANSFORMATIONS     It is about creation of a multidisciplinary, up-to-date definition and discussion of the concept of mobility in our society. After achieving a common understanding among the workshop participants, a guideline, means, or measures will be cooperatively generated to initiate the building of a research community on this subject in the context of ongoing digitalization processes. Furthermore, future acti

OptiMaaS presented at All-Energy 2019 Conference in Glasgow, UK

Our research project OptiMaaS has been presented by Flora Strohmeier (Upstream) at the panel Smart Urban Mobility Solutions (SUMS) at the All-Energy conference in Glasgow, UK. The session was organized on the 16th of May, titled “ULEV uptake – buses, cars and fleets + MaaS” and included the presentation slots as well as a Q&A with the audience, moderated by Joanna Coleman from Shell UK. More about the sessions:

OptiMaaS at JPI Urban Europe Kick Off Event

JPI Urban Europe invited all projects funded in the “Making Cities Work” call to a kick-off meeting in Brussels on 13th of February 2019. The OptiMaaS idea and the progress achieved by the consortium within this international MaaS project since the kick-off in Autumn 2018 was represented by Renata Pereira de Souza from tbw research GesmbH as Coordinator. With the participation of partners from the 6 projects funded by JPI Urban Europe within the

1st International Expert Panel Workshop

On 10th December, 2018, the 1st International Expert Panel (IEP) Workshop within the Project “OptiMaaS” took place in Vienna. Doris Wiederwald (AustriaTech), Gregor Stratil-Sauer (City of Vienna MA 18) and Martin Schreiner (City of Munich) were the expert team. Martin Schreiner presented an overview of the MaaS situation in Munich and showed MaaS initiatives, projects and implementations running. The current level of MaaS offers integration has been discu